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Hello World!

Written by Matthew Scharley at Thursday, 08 March 2012 - 01:00

Everyone writes one of these, right? Welcome, welcome, yada yada, all that sort of thing.

First up, I want to get into what this blog will be about. This site will mostly be a coding blog; things I’ve done, discovered or otherwise cool stuff to do with the inside of a computer. However, I am also human! Shocking, I know. Every now and then I will almost certainly deviate into other things; gaming, other hobbies I have, the local flora, etc.

Secondly, welcome! Feel free to pull apart the buildings of this blog. All content I have written is CC-BY-NC-SA, and all the code is released under the MIT license. That includes the system I’ve written on top of Jekyll for writing this blog, the CSS, the HTML, and any code snippets released as part of this blog. Go forth, fork and enjoy.

I intend to prod Disqus with a 10" pole and perhaps get that integrated into this site.

Or perhaps not (looks like I did though).

Better navigation and more features will be forthcoming, but I wanted to get a v1.0 up as soon as possible so I can get back into this. I really enjoyed it last time around, and hopefully you’ll find something of use here.

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