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Introducing jekyll-compass

Written by Matthew Scharley at Tuesday, 14 January 2014 - 08:14

That’s right, I wrote a plugin for Jekyll. Jekyll is the static site generator I use for this very website, and I was sick of orchestrating Compass around Jekyll. Now, Compass sings to my own tune. Specifically, this is a generator plugin for Jekyll which will take your directory of Sass or Compass files in a _sass folder inside your source folder and output the results directly into your _site output folder. It will run automatically whenever your site is built by Jekyll, so it will always be up to date. For example, a run of this site might look like this:

$ jekyll build
Configuration file: D:/Websites/
            Source: D:/Websites/
       Destination: D:/Websites/
Generating Compass: D:/Websites/ => D:/Websites/
identical _site/css/handheld.css
identical _site/css/ie8.css
identical _site/css/print.css
   remove images/sprites-s8bbc0e5b70.png
   create images/sprites-s8bbc0e5b70.png
identical _site/css/style.css

      Generating... done.

I originally created this plugin back just before Jekyll 1.3 was released but it’s gone through a few spurts of growth and I now feel it’s up to public usage. So please, if you are using either Compass or plain Sass then please give this plugin a shot. If you are using simple Sass, then this plugin will allow you to easily manage @import properly with full partial support; and if you do decide to upgrade to Compass at some point, well, you already have you simply need to start using it. It’s worth it, I promise.

Issues to the issue queue please, but feel free to discuss this plugin below.

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